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Special Needs and Learning Disabilities

KA1 training course confirmed! SPECIAL NEEDS and LEARNING DISABILITIES: 18-22 November 2019 (arrival 17 – departure 23). Complete the pre-registration form and send it to

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MULTIPLIER EVENT ” TALK” ​ ​ September 11, 2019

“Il linguaggio verbale: una finestra sullo sviluppo” Riflessione e confronto sul progetto biennale europeo dedicato al potenziamento del linguaggio nella scuola dell’infanzia (TALK – Teaching and assessing language for kids).[…]

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Media Literacy Education

KA1 training course confirmed! Media Literacy Education.4-8 November 2019 (arrival 3 – departure 9). Complete the pre-registration form and send it to

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Our experience in Europe

Progetto Crescere has a long experience in European Projects! Since 2008 we provide training courses for teachers, educators, parents and professionals at national and international level.


Our EU team

Patrizia Fantuzzi

European Project Manager

Annamaria Agosti

European Project Manager

Lisa Vescogni

Pedagogue, Professional Educator, European Project Coordinator, Trainer

Martina Corazza

European Project Tutor, Trainer

MariaChiara Canovi

Psychologist, Trainer

Arianna Casali

Psychologist, Trainer

Elena Coluccio

Psychologist, Trainer

Stefania Musci

Psychologist, Trainer

Emanuela Pedrinelli

Psychologist, Trainer

Enrica Giaroli

Psychologist, Trainer

Alberto Sabatini

Journalist, media educator

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Our participants from Europe

What did you hope to gain by taking this course?

All courses evaluation

I’m very glad and satisfied. The trainers were “down to earth” like one of us. Easy to ask questions and talk to. They were very helpful with us, especially for educational and cultural visits. Thank you all!

A group of young and enthusiastic teachers/specialists giving you a lot of helpful tips and ideas on the subject. Well done Progetto Crescere team!

I think the course was very important. I could learn with the others! The trainers were very competent, responsible and kind. Thank you for all! I loved it very much. It was an unforgettable experience.

Good reasons to visit Reggio Emilia

Come and visit Reggio Emilia, hometown of the Tricolore italian flag and the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. Located in a region called Emilia Romagna, from Reggio Emilia you can reach Milan, Bologna and Florence in one hour or less!