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Erasmus+ Active Training

Active training. Step by step to be an active trainer or teacher.

Being a trainer or a teacher in a new training group is an hard work. A training course is not just something born to teach people: is something more, created by a group of people that should trust in their trainer or people for a short or long period. That’s why a trainer or a teacher may learn some useful techniques to deal with participants. This course guides experts in training to learn and use techniques at the basis of an Active Training.

Five days for five useful steps in training courses for every participants ages.

This course is the result of previous courses and workshops organized in the last 3 years (Social expressive laboratory: from my learning to our learning; Cooperative Learning: a method to develop social and learning skills for inclusion in educational and social contexts; Training teachers and trainer: educational and psychological strategies for adult trainers; FROM I TO WE: an expressive laboratory to develop social and communication skills, from adults to peers).

Sessions in 2022

  • 31 January – 4 February (arrival 30 – departure 5)
  • 28 November – 2 December (arrival 27 – departure 3)

Sessions in 2023

  • 6-10 February (arr 5 – dep 11)
  • 26 – 30 June (arr 25 Jun- dep 1 Jul)

If interested in attending in other dates, please contact us since we launch other editions upon request (minimum 8 persons).

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