Progetto Crescere, Via JF Kennedy 17 - 42124 Reggio Emilia (ITALY)

Erasmus+ ADHD and Attention Disorders

KA1 training courses

ADHD and attention disorders represents a new important work frontier for Progetto Crescere. Nowadays, in fact, always more children are described as inattentive, hyperactive and uncontrollable. Progetto Crescere’s team is happy to share its experience in the field with European colleagues.

Target Group
This specific course can be attended by any professional who is involved in educational and clinical contexts (teachers, special teachers, educators, psychologists, experts in psychomotricity, psychotherapists, etc).

Sessions in 2020

  • 6-10 April (arrival 5, departure 11)
  • 21-25 September (arrival 20, departure 26)

Sessions in 2021

  • 12-16 April (arrival 11, departure 17)
  • 20-24 September (arrival 19, departure 25)

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