Progetto Crescere, Via JF Kennedy 17 - 42124 Reggio Emilia (ITALY)

What did you hope to gain by taking this course?

Some feedback from our participants from Europe


Active training. Step by step to be an active trainer or teacher.

“I think that it was a very beautiful and interesting course where I learnt new useful things.”

“We have learnt about work in a group, about trainer roles and how to manage them. I think all contents were useful for my work. It’s necessary to share ideas to improve ourselves. Thanks, Italian friends!”

“The contents and methodologies and also the trainers are adequate and good. The organization of the course (travel, meals, accommodation) are perfect. I think that you would improve this course (it is difficult because at this moment it is about perfect) with more participants in the group. Than you!!”

“The activities that I learnt this week are all interesting they will be used in my work.”

“Very practical – with a lot of tools – theory when it’s necessary, with an excellent climate.”

Cooperative Learning: a method to develop social and learning skills for inclusion in educational and social contexts

“On the whole I enjoyed the course. I would like to thank our trainer for her help and kindness during our course here – a lovely young lady.”

“Our trainer is a fabulous young lady. She was an asset. The tutors were excellent.”

“Excellent course. Our trainer was so helpful and fun. Lovely to have her as part of our group.”

“Overall thank you for a very good course. Overall very good and the girls that gave the course very good. Our trainer was amazing and she gave us great help and support and she’s just a lovely lady. She really was so helpful and kind and coming so a big thank you from me.”

“The teachers were very knowledgable and interesting. Our trainer was very helpful in organising and answering questions. Activities in the class are great, it breaks up the lesson and shows us practically how to arrange and run the activities.”

“Overall happy with course.”

“I appreciate the possibility to be a part of the learning process.”

“Thank you for your collaboration.”

Preschool: welcome parents!

“Good course, good speaker but we have not been able to see a school, due to Covid emergency, and as teachers we want to know the reality of the classroom and Reggio Emilia philosophy.”

“The training team was great. If You want to learn and practice interesting ideas, here is the place to do this.”

“Thank you very much!”

“Thank you for preparing the special programme for: Preschool: welcome parents! We hope to use as much as possible Reggio Emilia approach in our job!”

“The course was useful, I learned ways to improve relationships with parents. The trainer was amazing!”

“Good and kind speaker and teacher, practical situations, interesting information and tips.”

“The course is very interesting. The family is more important. It help to reflect .Exchange teory and practice. To do the first programation with visit. Look for alternatives.”

Media Literacy Education: a toolkit to promote digital competence in school and in educational contexts

“The course Media Literacy Education was very useful. I liked it a lot because of the great teamwork, great new colleagues, shared ideas and examples of good practice and achieving new skills and competences in the media literacy education field”.

“I really appreciated having this opportunity to participate on this course. It showed me new approaches on how to work and analyze media messages and how to create them.
I’m really thankful to all staff of Progetto Crescere, especially to Alberto, and Arianna: they had a professional and friendly approach at once. I will
recommend this course to everyone who might be interested”.


“A useful, interesting and very fruitful training!”

“The course was well organized and the trainer Cecilia was very friendly and assertive in approaching the subjects. Congratulations on the work you did and OBRIGADO for everything you taught”

Special Needs and Autism: how to deal with them? Theoretical and practical experiences

“I think that the trainers were very helpful. They are very informative and kind personalities. I could recommend them to include one more school visit in their timetable in order to have the opportunity to compare and contrast the special cases, situation and information we obtain.”

“I’m satisfied with the whole project at this very time maybe when time will pass I can see the negative points I’ll try to let you know by using Facebook”


“Wonderful teams/groups of people, nice atmosphere, professional Knowledge (both practical and theoretical), delicious cuisine, easy and fast public transport”

“Teachers of the course was very nice, smiling and helpful. I’ve had a nice time. Thank you!”

“I really enjoyed the organization of the course. It’s perfect.”

“I really enjoyed the organization of the course. It’s perfect. I don’t want to change anything.”

“I think it was good training and the whole course was easy to follow. Great work!”

“As I work as a class assistant I think the discussion about diagnostic criteria and classification was a little above head. I never work with that at home. Even some other discussions were. But that is, of course, not anything wrong with the course.”

“We are like a white card tant needs to be written down:

  • Learning while having funi s fun
  • The journey of the educator
  • Let’s be creative
  • We are different
  • Inspiration
  • New friends
  • Historical curiosities

We’ll Go in the right direction”

“It was a good time rested. I know of the culture in Italy. I could speak English. I made new friends. I have inspiration for working with children.”

“the entire course was professionally prepared. The subject was presented in an understandable way. Ladies were very nice and polite, always helpful. Professional experience could be exchanged.”

“I found it very useful and inspiring.”

“I think the course is well organized. The trainers are competent and stimulate our interest. The activities are interesting and gave us a lot of inspiration.”

“Pleasant atmosphere, calm lecturer, great presentation of a theme,practical examples”

“I am delight with the way of communication and organization. I recommend everyone to work and collaborate with them.”

“Pleasant experience, encouraging, empowering.”

“In my opinion this course provides participants with a fundamental tool, that is a common language through which they can recognize each other, find confirmations, notice similarities, but which at the same time allows them to question and deepen aspects neglected or even unknown up to that moment.”

“All education was professionally organized. Doctor Stefania was organized, expert, available. All week I was motivated by the lessons and the work. Thank you so much for everything I have heard and been through in the center.”

“It was a very interesting course, from which I learned practices, materials and contents that I could use in my work experience. I am also more motivated to spread more knowledge about autism and raise awareness about it. Trainer prepared and available, well-cohesive and participatory group, and a good working environment was created.”

“I appreciate everything you did, Stefania was very prepared, we exchanges experiences. I would appreciate, as I said before, more practical videos, some visit to Kindergarten and Center for Autism.”

Special Needs and Learning Disabilities: how to deal with them? Theoretical and practical experiences.

“I felt very welcomed during my course. Organisation was very good. I enjoyed listening to my trainers and going home with some new things in my mind, reacher for one more educational experience.”

“It was a good, perfect organisation, with professional people.”

“It was interesting for me to know how Italians deal and classificate learning disabilities. In our country, we don’t get that much attention. I wonder, maybe learning disable learners should be in mind dream schools, not specials schools in Estonia.”

“A hug for Lisa who put a lot of efforts to make this course work.”

“In general a good course.”

“I loved the planning of the course. I liked the organizing and trainers team. I liked Lisa because she is professional and made all the possibilities that we feel fine. She deserves all my appreciation.”

“I congratulate all members of the organising and training team for all their work.”

“Thank you for all, kindness, joyful and useful experiences, your big knowledge in how to work with children with learning disabilities. I really fell enriched and go back to my work with happiness.”

“I love your work and organisation. You are very professional.”

“All have been very thoughtful, knowledgeable and helpful. I have appreciated everything. Thanks for all!”

“Much more about mental retardation and autism”.

“Training team was well prepared. The presentation was only a starting point for the teachers. They had a lot to say: only interesting things. Maybe should be clear information that in the course can be attended only people wich speak at least communicative English.”

“Teachers were very good prepared. Their English language were perfect and easy to understand. Presentation were helpful to understand the topic.”

“I think the course was very important. I could learn with others. Trainers were very competent and kind. Thank you for all. I’ve loved it very much. It was an unforgettable experience.”

“I think the trainers are very kind and know how to interest us. I am grateful for all of your kindness. Thank you!!”

“I enjoyed it all. The course location was not very far . The building and the rooms, all the facilities were modern and clean, the trainers were well-prepared, professional and friendly. This course in Italy was really interesting and good idea!”

“Everything was special and I would like to come back.”

“It has been easy to understand our supervisors and interesting content on the course. I am so satisfied and inspired. Thank you all.”

“Our trainers has been very skilled and have taught at a reasonable level. We got tips on good restaurants, how to take the bus, what to do in Parma and so on. The trainers were very helpful!!”

“The training team have all been great in every wway, very down to Earth and with a great sesne of humor.”

“I think that I am very glad and feel satysfied. The trainers was “down to Earth” like one of us. Easy to ask questions and talk to. And they were very helpful with everything like excurions and so on. Thank you and welcome to us!”

“Emanuela was a very good teacher.”

“Emanuela was very a good host, so helpful with very patience, calm and lovely. I hope that we shall see eachother in Italy one day, with some other course. Thank you Emanuela for everything, stay safe. ANDRA TUTTO BENE .”

“You are the best, keep it up, I am pleased to work with you.”

“Emanuela was positive, kind, calm and with a lot of knowledge which was very useful for us to bring with us in the future.”

“Wonderful experience, good organization and I also learned a new things. Thank you.”

“Emanuela is a great trainer, she made us learn through fun. She’s devoted and a lovely person🤗. Im looking forward to our next cooperation”

Social communication in school: methodologies, instruments and techniques to work with parents and involve them in school and educational contests

“Thank you all for this course. I have got a lot of useful information, but if you could include a visit to Malagutti kids centre with a guide it would be wonderful.”
“It was nice and interesting to communicate with participants from different countries. Very pleased with the arrival of the courses.”
“It was a very well prepared course and interesting in many aspects. The training team was involved, intelligent, opened and pleasant.”
“If I was a teacher I give this course 99,9%, sorry I’m wrong 100%! Thanks!”
“It was very good because we were involved every time (not only listening to the teacher). It made me /us think about how I am working at home. It would be better to start from the experience of the others. Maybe it is better to focus on some essential elements you want to give the courses. I always want to give a lot of information but then there is no time for experience. The course was going into depth: it gives useful insights to take back home.”
“Everything was very useful. It will help me in my future work. I would like to hear about how to work with parents with disabilities (relationship and cooperation) and with parents who doesn’t want to cooperate – what to do?”
“Do you want a week full of useful insights and experiences about involvement and communication with parents at school? Then choose for Arcobaleno in Reggio Emilia because it’s the place to be. Reggio is surrounded by beautiful cities where it’s good living.”
“We’ve learned a lot of new things:

  • new views of communication
  • new methodologies
  • we’ve met new people with local uses, other views, other ideas. This course is an added value for my professional life! Thanks”

“It was fantastic for me to take part in this interesting course. I met here very wonderful people, I learnt a lot about cooperation and involvement between parents and teachers. I have new ideas, new vision of my work. I can use interesting tools in my job. Every teacher here was very involved, pleasant, was prepared, organised. it was an amazing experience to be here and to spend in Italy a wonderful time.”

“I’m happy that I could participate in this course. I enjoyed a lot of experience. I learnt how to conduct meetings with children and parents. Thank you.”

“Thank you for this course. It was interesting and I have got a lot of useful information and instruments. I have met friendly, kindly people. Teachers of the courses were great and professional.”

“Participating in this course was a very, useful positive and interesting experience. The topics were instructive and interesting. The lectures were well prepared, positive and very friendly. The atmosphere was cheerful and pleasant. I would recommend this course to everyone.”

TALK: a laboratory for preschools to develop pupils’ language skills

“I think the course organisation and training was ok!”

“Instructor was very ambitious (she gave us a lecture from the car – great job!). She was very professional but at the same time very kind and pleasant. She is a very good lecturer. Great Job!”

“the course was very nice, the trainer very well prepared and the topics very interesting. A good atmosphere was created with the participants where everyone could freely express their opinion. Exchanging ideas and learning about their school methods was useful and enriching”

Teenagers with behaviour disorders or bad boys? 

“Organization is regularly. Trainers are very young and exciting. They are professional, love their job and help us. I’m happy to have met you!”

“The course is great and useful. The trainers are professional. Thank you all”.

“We learned the Italian education system. Ther is cooperation between educators. Course contains useful information”

“We met other teachers, our schools. Most profile and characteristic of bad boys and girls and practical strategies to work with rebel students.”

“It was interesting, professionally prepared. I really recomend it.”

“Very nice lectures. Great atmosphere. Even poor language skills allow you to understand the project.”

“The project was very interesting, gave me new instruments for work. Thank you!”

“very nice atmosphere. I’ve learnt a lot. The project was interesting.”

“a group of young and entusiastic teachers/specialists, giving you a lot of helpful tips and ideas on the subject! Well done Progetto Crescere Team!”
“Interesting for everyone who wants to learn something about behaviour disorders especially for teachers instructiors in primary school or first grades of secondary schools”