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Erasmus+ KA02 BODYWISE


Erasmus+ KA02 Small scale partnership


PROJECT NUMBER: 2022-2-EEo1-KA210-ADU-000096298 
from February 2023 until April 2024.

In today’s world, it is crucial to be able to recognize and speak the language of the body because it
is fundamental for creating connections and communicating. This ability of our wise body can
be developed, so that unspoken messages become clearer and clearer over the time.
80 % of what we say is communicated through the body and only 20 % through the words we say.
The objective is to learn new methods to be more aware and sensitive to what our body is telling
us about people we are working with and about us.

In the BODY WISE project, 3 partners from Estonia, Italy and Austria explore different artistic and
theatrical methods to improve body awareness with trainers working mainly with groups in
disadvantaged conditions.

The concrete objectives are:
1) Body awareness-improving skills and abilities
2) Connecting with marginalized and discriminated people.
3) Getting rid of mental stress

Bodywise Laboratory – learning and sharing 
In the laboratory-phase we met with internal and external trainers for 5 days in Estonia to
explore different body-sensational methods.
The ”Body Wise Laboratory” has established professional contacts between participating
organizations and trainers and experts working with marginalized groups and people with
fewer opportunities. In this way, advances are being made toward better understanding
through body perception, especially in fields where lack of understanding is due to reduced
language skills. The outcome of the Bodywise project is theory and practice for trainers to
provide them with the tools to better listen and understand vulnerable target groups and
feel more confident in their work as educators and trainers.

– Wise body Manual with methods for sensing emotions, feelings, thoughts and body
sensations as well as for deep listening
– Wise body Audios and Wise body Videos with practices

 – Innowise
– Alp activating leadership potential