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Erasmus+ Ka1 Adult Education Staff Mobility – TEAM

Erasmus Plus KA1 Adult Education Staff mobility. 

TEAM: training, education, achievement and management. KA1 – mobility of individuals.

The aim of the project TEAM by Progetto Crescere, a social cooperative from Reggio Emilia, is to contribute in defining an Internal Welfare Policy, to promote an harmonious working environment that brings a qualitative change in the lives of the people working for the organization. The project aims to increase the staff well-being in order to have more work satisfaction, to prevent professional burnout and to have a better use of team resources in our services, in particular in adult trainings.

As consequence, this Policy becomes a model that Progetto Crescere, as provider in adult education, can disseminate also in other organizations where Progetto Crescere works.

The key objectives of the project are:

  1. To build a positive, interactive, generative, creative dialogue inside the organization as a prerequisite to invest in the development and well-being of its professionals.
  1. To increase the role of Progetto Crescere as provider in adult education.

The project involves 16 members of the staff (managers and trainers), with 7 courses/training events, in 6 European countries.

The project lasts 24 months and will be managed by a team dedicated to the project (quality committee).

The main phases are:

  1. start: presentation of the project to all the staff members, participants selections; communication planning; timeline; practical arrangements and preparation of the mobilities;
  1. Mobilities (courses). They will cover these areas:






  1. evaluation and monitoring.

The expected impact is measured on:

For participants

  • To update transversal skills and competences of professionals (managers and staff members);
  • To equip the staff with new knowledge and tools;
  • To implement innovative training methods.
  • To improve the English level
  • To enrich personal curricula
  • To increase in sharing ideas with colleagues and empowerment of the involvement with the rest of the team;
  • To transfer inputs in outputs for the organization and the target groups
  • To contribute in developing new activities for the adult target.

For Quality Committee members

  • To develop management skills

For the organization

  • To innovate the offer for adult target (families, schools, teachers, educators, companies and other organizations)
  • To transfer the best practices in sectors where the organization is working (companies and social educational contests)
  • To define co-operation with other providers to create new projects in the future.
  • To develop new ideas, services, projects, trainings, with a more European and multicultural approach.
  • To improve its competence in the development, plan and control of European projects.

The impacts will be at different levels: local, national and European. On the longer term, Progetto Crescere expects to:

  • be recognized as a good workplace to work in;
  • increase our visibility as provider in adult education;
  • improve the offer for companies and stakeholders;
  • offer more training courses;
  • Increase the interest of companies and public institutions at local and regional level above our services.

The project will be disseminated at different levels thanks to: our Facebook page and website, internal workshops, press interviews, Epale and School Educational Gatewate. Sustainability of project results and experiences would be provided by specific and innovative educational processes and instruments; effective organization management with a clear definition of roles and functions; agreements with reliable providers. Participants’ engagement during the project is important for the sustainability. The integration of the project objectives in Progetto Crescere’s three years Strategic Plan will permit to transfer results also to all levels of the organization (also the board).

The cultural framework of the project, based on the creation of a Eco-system where all members of the organization are co-responsible and contribute to its development and the idea that this Ecosystem is part of a larger one (society), ensures to disseminate outputs and results in the contests where Progetto Crescere is working. In other words, the team growth has a direct benefit on adult target.

COURSE 1: Let’s make our school more international: european project planning, design, management and funding under Erasmus+ (August 2021)
PROVIDER: Cervantes Training – Alcalà de Henares (Madrid, Spain). Participants Martina Molon, Cecilia Veroni

Articolo sull’esperienza (italian only)


COURSE 2: “Parents & Teachers: Building Bridges” (September 2021)

PROVIDER: iDevelop Teacher Training Department (euroMind Projects) – Playa de Las Americas (Tenerife, Spain). Participants Silvia Bonacini, Simona Tagliazucchi.

Articolo sull’esperienza (italian only)


COURSE 3: “Classroom management solutions for Teachers: new Methodologies, Effective Motivation, Cooperation and Evaluation Strategies” (October 2021)

PROVIDER: iDevelop Teacher Training Department (Europass Teacher Academy – European Academy of Creativity, Spain). Participants Francesca Monini, Lisa Vescogni.

Articolo sull’esperienza (italian only)


COURSE 4: “Integrating minority, migrant & refugee children at European schools & society” (November 2021)

PROVIDER: ShipCon – Barcelona (Spain). Participants Valentina Ferretti, Lisa Vescogni.

Articolo sull’esperienza (italian only)


COURSE 5: “Coaching – skills and practice” (September 2022)

PROVIDER: Alp-Network – Vienna (Austria). Participants Patrizia Fantuzzi, Cecilia Veroni.


COURSE 6: “Motivation and personal development” (December 2022)

PROVIDER: Learning in the sun by FU academy – Tenerife (Spagna). Participants: Mariateresa Faccin, Patrizia Fantuzzi, Giulia Fontana, Graziana Porro.

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