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Erasmus+ Inclusive Education: Italian System as a model

Inclusive Education: Italian System as a model

Italy and its inclusive school system is a very innovative way of working in the education system. Inclusion of students with disabilities is an important goal of special education. The Italian education system is probably the most close to a full inclusion in a continuum of inclusiveness. In this course, the legal background of inclusion in Italy will be sketched, along with the analysis of some of the difficulties in the implementation of a full inclusive system in education. This course gives the possibilities to understand and discuss the Italian Inclusive System thanks to theoretical and practical experiences.
This course is addressed to teachers, trainers, educational counsellors, career counsellors, school psychologists, headmasters, school management and administrative staff working in preschools, primary schools, secondary schools, vocational schools, training centers, adult education schools, higher education and NGOs. The course may include teachers from different school levels.

Sessions in 2022

  • 7 – 11 March (arrival 6 – departure 12)
  • 10 – 14 October (arrival 9 – departure 15)

Sessions in 2023

  • 23 – 27 January (arr 22 – dep 28)
  • 27 November – 1 December (arr 26 – dep 2)

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