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Erasmus+ Media Literacy Education

Media Literacy Education: a toolkit to promote digital competence in school and in educational contexts.

The advent of digital media is producing important transformations in peoples everyday lifeboth at the sociocultural and psychocognitive levelWe need to redefine the ways in which media have been usually used in schools and in educational contexts. Its necessary to improve technical skills and also generate criticalcreative abilitiesTeenagers can understand the social implications and functions of the mediaand interact with them in a responsible way.

Media literacy education course offers teachers and educators selfdirected tools that can be employed in everyday teaching (topics: citizen journalismonline fake newsrisks and opportunities of digital media and online communication).

Sessions in 2022

  • 2 – 6 May (arrival 1 – departure 7)
  • 14 – 18 November (arrival 13 – departure 19)

Sessions in 2023

  • 20-24 February (arr 19–dep 25)
  • 10-14 July (arr 9– dep 13)

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