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Erasmus+ Metacognitive Teaching Method

Metacognitive Teaching Method.

The 5-day-training offers the opportunity to analyse, study and understand, thanks to a theoretical and practical approach, a metacognitive teaching method based on a book written by the our staff and daily used on our activities with students. The book is called Attiva-mente® (in English Active-mind) and it is a laboratory of instruments based on the metacognitive approach.

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Participants will be involved in group activities and they have the opportunity to reflect on their personal experience as a teacher of trainer. The course mixes theoretical concepts, active exercises and group comparison.

Sessions in 2022

  • 23 – 27 May (arrival 22 – departure 28)
  • 12 – 16 December (arrival 11 – departure 17)

Sessions in 2023

  • 22 – 26 May (arr 21 – dep 27)
  • 16-20 October (arr 15 – dep 21)

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