Progetto Crescere, Via JF Kennedy 17 - 42124 Reggio Emilia (ITALY)


KA1 training courses


Patrizia Fantuzzi

Patrizia is Chair of board and the director of Progetto Crescere. She is member of many boards of directors in social organizations. She worked in the past as trainer at local and European level in particular in project about cooperative learning, active learning methods and metacognition. She coordinated LLP Strategic Partnership and participated to European motilities. Currently, her attention and activity is oriented to develop projects and partnerships in Europe.

Annamaria Agosti

Annamaria is a psychologist, responsible for planning and management of courses and project of the Psycho-Pedagogical Service in Progetto Crescere. Trainer in prevention and educational programs and projects for children, youth and parents. She participated in LLP Strategic Partnership and developed local activities connected with European projects.

Lisa Vescogni

Lisa, graduated in Pedagogy, works in European Project as courses coordinator/tutor since 2010: she keeps in touch with the participants since the first contact; she helps them in choosing a course based on their needs; she prepares the course choosing the best trainers and giving them information about requests. She has participated to LLP Strategic Partnership and now she is a member of the team of the Erasmus Plus KA2 Strategic Partnership “Training on learning disabilities for parents and teachers. New strategies and methodologies and ICT contributions". She also works in Progetto Crescere as a Special Educator in rehabilitation paths with student with Learning Disabilities and other diseases, from an individual and a group point of view, and she has worked as a trainer for teachers about educational topics. This part of her work permit her to participate in training courses based on her daily experience in the world of Education. Her interest for the topic of education and her curiosity for sharing experiences with other experts coming all over the world are at the basis of her passion for her job. She normally guides final emotional art laboratory during the courses to evaluate the experience.

Martina Corazza

Martina is a psychologist specialized developmental and educational Psychology. She works in school at different levels (preschools, elementary, middle school, high school). She carries out several prevention and educational projects for students with learning disabilities and special needs. She is expert of study methods, compensatory and dispensatory instruments, cooperative learning and group work. She works also as a trainer in European projects, sharing her experience in working with students. She loves travelling, meeting new people and sharing experiences with other European professionals.

MariaChiara Canovi

Mariachiara is a psychologist, specialized in developmental psychology. She works in European Projects as trainer since 2011 and the main themes she has worked about are Learning Disabilities, Study-method and metacognition, Executive functions involved in learning processes, prevention and action in educational contexts, in particular about bullying. Now she is a team-member of the Erasmus Plus KA2 Strategic Partnership “Training on learning disabilities for parents and teachers. New strategies and methodologies and ICT contributions". For Progetto Crescere, she works every day in some school of the city and territory, at different levels. Her main activities are consulences for parents, students, teachers and educators, and projects for all the classes about prevention and psychophysical health. In these contexts, she is always in contact with adults working with developmental age. She feels the need to confront with new people for the curiosity to discover other cultures and Countries and for the need to give new concrete answers to the people she works with.

Arianna Casali

Elena Coluccio

Elena is a Psychologist specialized in developmental and educational psychology, she is also currently attending a specialization in psychotherapy at the Milan Centre of Family Therapy. She works in school in a different level, carrying out several projects with students about prevention and education. The project works on the topics of wellness in school classrooms, strengthening of social skills, bullying prevention, conflict resolution, peer education and peer tutoring. She also work as adult trainer, with adults’ group from different works’ background to improve cooperation between colleagues, learning new strategies for problem solving and to manage working groups and emotions. She also works as a trainer in European projects, on programs concerning bullying prevention, compensatory and dispensatory instrument, learnings disabilities, special needs and behaviour disorder. She is also active as volunteer in different educational project with adolescent. She loves sharing experience with people coming from different countries ad different works’ backgrounds; she also loves travelling and meeting other European Professionals.

Stefania Musci

Stefania is a psychologist specialized in clinical and developmental psychology, she is also currently attending a specialization in psychotherapy with adolescents. She works in school at different levels from preschool in inclusion for children with special needs projects or reading and writing prerequisites workshops, to middle and high school in projects about meta-cognition study and compensatory instruments for children with learning disabilities. She collaborates in school projects about consulence for teachers and students. She works also as a trainer in European projects, sharing her experience in working with children with special needs. Travelling is her passion, she loves to meet new people from all around the world to know other cultures customs and traditions and share experiences about psychology and educational topics. She also works in rehabilitation paths with students with Learning Disabilities and attention difficulties as well as psychological support with adolescents.

Enrica Giaroli

Alberto Sabatini

Journalist, mediator and media literacy expert. He deals with digital communication, social media marketing and media relations for the nonprofit world (cooperation, associationism, volunteering). He has a degree in Communication Science, a Master’s degree in “Media Relations” awarded by the Business School of “Il Sole 24 Ore” in Milan, and a Master’s degree in “Digital Journalism” awarded by the Pontifical University in Rome. He worked in Lisbon for the “RTP Rádio e Televisão de Portugal” as a radio speaker and as an assistant producer. He has been member of Med – Italian Association for Media and Communication Education - and of the Emilia Romagna regional group since 2009. He has been leader of the formative project “My. Me” since 2014, for the development of digital civic education laboratories addressed to the scholastic world, the ecclesial communities and extra school world.

Emanuela Pedrinelli

Emanuela is a psychologist specialized in Psychobiology and Cognitive Neuroscience; she also attended a Master in Clinical and Forensic Psycho-diagnosis. She works in the diagnostic path of Learning Disabilities, and in individual rehabilitation paths with students of different ages with LD. She is the coach of “SuperReading”, a training (developed in England and carried out in partnership with IULM University of Milan) with the goal to improve the efficacy of reading in people with the diagnosis of dyslexia or in normal readers. She also works in small groups, supporting students in their daily homework, and inside schools, from primary school until high school, teaching students with LD about compensatory instruments and dispensatory techniques. She is a trainer in European Projects, where she welcomes and goodbyes the groups of participants on the first and last day of course. She feels thankful after every course, because of the possibility it gives to share ideas and discover new cultures. Finally, she works in psychological supporting paths with adolescents.