Progetto Crescere, Via JF Kennedy 17 - 42124 Reggio Emilia (ITALY)

Our training features

  • All courses have a group of trainers with different experiences, backgrounds, cultures and “styles”. Their differences are one of the most important “ingredient” of our courses.
  • Trainers have experience in European projects.
  • Trainers are not teachers, but MEDIATORS, GUIDES in learning process.
  • The course venue is our organization. Participants can directly observe our services for infancy, adolescents, adults and families (educational, clinical and training services).
  • Each group is “unique”, different and trainers follow groups’ needs.
  • Courses are interactive workshops: participants have an ACTIVE ROLE and they learn by doing!
  • Trainers encourage participation, respecting personal features (all participants can be their selves!)
  • Courses include different tools, methods and activities: formal and informal education methodologies (icebreaking activities, dynamic activities, group discussion, experiential work, watching and analyzing videos, role-playing, self-reflection, case studies and self-evaluation).
  • Trainers use creativity: we have an art laboratory and a relaxation room and all courses have emotional sections including art, dance or movement methodologies.
  • Courses are based on recent learning-researches.
  • Courses include cultural visits to our town and educational visits in schools, social contests, public or private organizations. These visits permit to enter in contact with educational contests and their work.
  • We take care of your wellness with some suggestions from a touristic, cultural and tradition point of view.
  • We can design your own course, thinking about your request, ideas and proposal to offer you the best course for your interests.
  • Participants receive courses materials in English.
  • We strongly believe in the power of comparison: we like to dedicate some moments to share experiences. You learn from us and we learn from you!