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Erasmus+ Ka2 FABAS: fight against bullying at school


«FABAS (FIGHT AGAINST BULLYING AT SCHOOL):  a strategic partnership and project  that  aims to start a reflection on tools and methods to fight efficiently bulling in schools».


The Project « Fabas » involves over five EU countries (Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Belgium and France) to provide answers at the European level  to the school staff, the trainers and pupils involved in the improvement of school climate, in order to prevent and detect bullyism and cyberbullism at school.

Indeed, bullying is a reality in every country, every school and all over the world, with truly harmful consequences on the physical and mental health of bullied people.

The first exchanges between the project partners highlighted different working methods to effectively combat bullying.

Pooling every partner’s  strategy, tools and protocols will make it possible to develop a collective response to fighting bulling that can be disseminated and tested in the partner’s respective territories.

To this end, three areas of work will be addressed : prevention, detection and resolution of cases of bullying.

The objectives are :

  1. To improve the detection of bullyng cases through the creation of a reading grid and an indicator directory, following an inventory of the situation between each
  2. To drow up a draft common protocol shared within the different players, based on good practices studied during the projects.
  3. To improve the resolution of bullyng cases by the creation of a tool worksheet dedicated to solving the bullyng cases.

The final aim is to develop new protocols and tools that allow each pupil to follow a successful schooling in a serene school climate.

To meet up these  objectives, different types of learning and training activities have been implemented :  activities and workshops will be set up within the structures in the framework of the project, including the different actors ( school staff and pupils) upstream, during and downstream of the training mobilities.

The project started on 1st October and it has a 24 months total development.


France (Nantes)

 (Regional Council of Pays de la Loire)

Partners Organization:

France (Nantes)

 Nantes Academy Rectorate

France (Nantes)

LPO Monge- La chauviniére High School

France (Le Mans)

Gabriel Touchard George Washington Polivalent High School

France (Nantes)

Chantenay College

France (Guérande)

Guérande  O. Guichard Professional High School

Italy (Reggio Emilia)

Progetto Crescere Cooperativa Sociale

Spain (Bocairent)

IES of Bocairent (Bocairent High School)

Spain (Ontinyent)

IES L’Estacio (Estacio High School)

Lithuania (Kaunas)

Kaunas in service teacher training center

Belgium (Seraing)

General Direction of Education of the Liège Province

Le progettualità in corso in Italia sul tema bullismo e cyberbullismo:

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